Another new posting contest on Forum For U 😀

I really like FFU posting contest. Because you can earn more money with contests 😉


This is our 13th posting contest. In this contest every participants will get reward for their posting. You will get paid for reaching a posting target. So, if every participant will reach the target than every participant will get reward.

Contest opened : 6th September 2016
Contest will end : 12th September 2016

Rewards :

  • 250 – 500 Posts = FFUC $500 (equal to $5.00 USD)
    • 100 – 249 Posts = FFUC $100 (equal to $1.00 USD) + one week affiliate banner ad
      • 80 – 99 Posts = FFUC $ 20 (equal to $0.20 USD)

How you will get reward ?
First you will need to participate in this contest. For participating in the contest please reply here with your post count. Now, lets know how you will get reward. For example i have added you in the contest and you have made 250 or more posts before 12th September 2016 12:00 AM than you will get FFUC $500 (equal to $5.00 USD). Like the same if you will make 100 to 249 posts you will get FFUC $100 + one week free advertising etc.

So, why are you waiting participate in the contest and get reward

You can read the real article here : http://forumforu.net/thread-8212.html


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